Creating a trustworthy and well-known brand through Digital Marketing.

There is an old adage or saying when it comes to sales:

People buy from people they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST. A Business can create the KNOW, LIKE and TRUST by building their brand through Digital Marketing.

If you have a business there is one thing you need over everything else… You need people to buy your Products and Services. You need sales.

Building Your Brand with Digital Marketing

You can use Digital Marketing for the purpose of Building Your Brand. You can achieve the Introduction, Rapport, and Trust you need so that buyers will feel confident in making purchasing decisions and choose your company over a competitor’s. 

The 7 Steps of the Selling Process:





Sales Steps 1 – 3 are about MARKETING or PROMOTING Your Brand.

1. Introduction (First Impression)

Rule of Likability – Friendly, Open, Genuine

2. Build Rapport (Connect) 

Rule of Relationship – Personal, Interested, Attentive

3. Earn Trust (Ask Questions)

Rule of Listening – Needs Assessment, Focused on Them

If you skip steps 1-3 and go right to slamming someone with info or asking them to buy, it is a lot tougher to get the sales you want.

Digital Marketing Channels can create Awarness (Introduction), Build Rapport (Connection), and Earn Trust.





Sales Steps 4 – 7 are about SELLING and CREATING a New Customer

1. Provide Information (Products or Services)

Rule of Value – Be a Resource, Bring Value, Meet Needs, Solve Problems

2. Overcome Objections (Answer Questions) 

Rule of Patience – Don’t go right to the sale, Show Understanding and Empathy

3. Ask for the Sale (Find Agreement)

Rule of Acknowledgment – Confirm and Congratulate, Set Expectations

4. Follow-Up (Meet Expectations)

Rule of Reciprocity – Mutually Beneficial

The steps come at the BOTTOM of the sales process

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