IN Local Marketing is a Digital Marketing Agency and an SEO Company serving Schertz TX. We provide SEO Schertz TX with both Organic SEO and Local SEO. Search Engine Optimization is one part of our complete Internet Marketing Services we offer in Schertz TX.

SEO Schertz TX

Get your business found in search with affordable Organic SEO & Local SEO Solutions.


SEO Company Schertz TX

What is SEO Schertz TX?

SEO Stands for:

Search Engine Optimization

SEO falls under the broader category of Internet Marketing Services. SEO Schertz TX starts with determining who and where your “target” audience is and then optimizing your website to rank well (be found) for that target market.

We use SEO Schertz TX to TARGET your Market to find buyers who are looking for your products or services.

SEO Schertz TX is both a science and an art form. It takes knowledge, experience, and practice to achieve results.

Target SEO Schertz TX

Be in the right place at the right time when people who are already interested in your product or service are READY TO BUY.

Using SEO Schertz TX you can Target Your Market

Bullhorn SEO Schertz TX

Would you Rather SEARCH for Customers?

As a business, you can spend a lot of time, effort, and money trying to create interest in your product or service.

– OR –

Google Search

Have READY TO BUY Customers SEARCH for you?

You can be in the right place at the right time when people who are already interested in your product or service are READY TO BUY.

We’ll get your business ranked on the 1st page of Google, for the search terms you need to get RESULTS.

SEO Schertz TX Megaphone

SEO Schertz TX Position or Ranking

SEO Schertz TX is about optimizing a website to achieve higher positioning on search engine results pages for keyword phrases that are relevant to your products and services.

SEO Schertz TX Click

SEO Schertz TX Keyword Targeting

SEO Schertz TX helps bring quality targeted traffic to your website by understanding how search algorithms work and what human visitors might search for, which will bring ROI.

SEO Schertz TX Analytics

SEO Schertz TX Drives Traffic

SEO Schertz TX brings need-based traffic to your website who have a brand, product or service in mind and are looking for information or are “Ready to Buy”

You can improve Your Google Ranking with Search Engine Optimization Schertz TX!

To optimize your site for the search engines requires research, editing, time, and testing, not just “submission”. Each Search engine uses slightly different criteria, which can have a significant impact on the relevance of your site. There are products that you can buy to submit your URL to the major engines, and there are consulting companies that you can pay big money to do that for you.

Would you like to rank higher than your competition in Google by using SEO Schertz TX?

We will get your website listed with the most important search engines and help you achieve better rankings. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Package offers proven, ethical techniques that will drive quality traffic to your website.

Drive Traffic to Your Site by Choosing the Right Keywords for SEO Schertz TX

Choosing the right keyword phrases is crucial to the success of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We do the research to figure out what the most likely keyword phrases are that people would use to find your business in the search engines. We then take those keyword phrases and research the number of times they are searched for and the level of competition associated with each phrase. Finally, we provide you with a detailed report on which keyword phrases are right for you.

What is the SEO Schertz Texas Process?

Our SEO Schertz TX Process

The ultimate goal of SEO Schertz TX or Search Engine Optimization is to drive TARGETED TRAFFIC to your website. We put your site in the right place at the right time when people who are already interested in your product or service are READY TO BUY.


We develop a ranking strategy based on your business, your goals, and what you want to accomplish.


We build your visibility across the places where consumers are searching, surfing, and socializing online.


We track and analyze your ranking results and website traffic to measure your progress & success.


We make adjustments to the plan in order to improve results and defend the ranking we have achieved.

We Develop a Comprehensive Internet Presence Strategy

IN Local Marketing will work with your company to gain a complete understanding of your business, your goals, and what you want to accomplish. Then, we use proven methodologies and techniques to develop a personalized web presence strategy.

We Build Your Personalized SEO Plan

At IN Local Marketing, we are local marketing & SEO Schertz TX professionals, who understand branding & web presence. Web presence is much more than having a website. We build and execute comprehensive online marketing campaigns. We build your brand online with the goal of bringing you more potential customers. Once we have a plan we distribute and optimize your campaign across the Web. Using our extensive media reach experience we boost your business visibility across the places where consumers are searching, surfing, and socializing online.

We Track, Analyze & Optimize Your SEO Campaign

The foundation of what we do is always centered on getting results. We track and analyze your website traffic to measure your success, and we use those insights to optimize your results. We also proactively make adjustments to the SEO Schertz TX plan in order to improve those results.

We use Detailed Reports to Measure Your Results

Our detailed reports show you what’s working. You can access them at any time to see everything from clicks and contacts coming from your campaigns. And, you don’t have to make sense of it on your own. Your team is with you every step of the way.

The goal of SEO is to get your website on the 1st page of Google search results.

Components of an SEO Schertz TX Program

Being found in Google search is what SEO Schertz TX is all about. We want you to be found by both your current clients and by prospective clients who are searching for your products or services.

SEO Bench Marking

You have to know where you are at and where you have been, to know where you want to go…

SEO Rank Tracking

SEO takes time, results are incremental, and can often take weeks or months to show the effects of the work we have done.

SEO Research & Keywords

#1 Evaluate the Current Website
#2 Evaluate the Competitive Landscape
#3 Evaluate the Supporting Branding (Internet footprint)

SEO Monitoring & Management

Search Engines Change
Website Standards Change
Competitors Change
Fresh Content and Fresh Links

SEO Content Optimization

SEO starts with the foundation of proper design & development of a website including organizing site structure, optimizing site code, and using targeted content.

Defend & Protect

Your competitors are also hiring SEO companies. We want you to maintain the ranking position we have worked so hard to achieve.

Components of an SEO Schertz TX Strategy

The first step in Search Engine Optimization Schertz TX is to evaluate a website and determine what the strategy will be going forward.

#1 Evaluate the Current Website

Every website has a Domain name, and that domain name has a history, good or bad. If your domain is brand new then it has no history. The age of your domain, the trust, and authority of your domain, the size of your website, and the historical content of your website, all matter in how you currently rank in search and how difficult it will be to improve your SEO ranking in the future.

#2 Evaluate the Competitive Landscape

SEO ranking in search results is not done in a vacuum. Ranking happens in a competitive environment where you are attempting to rank AGAINST other websites in your business category.

#3 Evaluate the Supporting Branding (Internet footprint)

How BROAD is your branding (company name, company information) on the internet? Is your brand or website on all of the internet directories? Is your brand or website represented on all the social media sites? Is your brand or website mentioned and linked to by other supporting websites, like associations, trade groups, and partner websites?

5 steps to get your website on page one of the search results

Step 1 – Find the right SEO Schertz TX keywords and build a keyword list

Step 2 – Prioritize the SEO keywords for improvement

  • Keyword Queries that have search volume and are generating search traffic
  • Keyword Queries that have business value (Profit Centers)
  • Keyword Queries that don’t have SERP features above the organic listings
  • Long-tail Keyword Queries that are lower in competition

Step 3 – Find out why you are being outranked

Ranking Factors to Watch

Search Intent is the most important ranking factor

  • The reason behind the searcher’s query
  • Google tries to provide the most relevant results for any given query.
  • Make sure your content matches the reason why people are searching

Identifying Search Intent
Google the Keyword you want to improve on your own site
Analyze the top-ranking pages

The 3 c’s of search intent


  • Blog Posts
  • Product Pages
  • Category Pages
  • Landing Pages

Content Format (blog posts & Landing pages)

  • How-to’s
  • Step-by-Step Tutorials
  • Lists (top 10)
  • Opinion Pieces
  • Tool or Calculator

Content Angle

  • Unique selling proposition
  • Unique “hook” or call to action that entices a searcher to click on your result

Check the # of referring domains pointing to the top pages

Check the results that are outranking your site for your keyword. Get enough links to be competitive with the results that are above you.

Page-Level Authority

Google’s algorithm is based on something called page rank. It basically measures the overall strength (quality and quantity) of any page’s backlink profile which is translated into “authority”. Page rank still plays a role in the algorithm despite the fact that they discontinued public page rank in 2016. They may no longer show the public the rank or authority of a page but they still are measuring it. In general pages with a higher page rank will rank better and get more organic traffic. Internal links within a site also create page-level authority.

Website Authority or Domain Authority

Some SEO professionals will tell you that there is no “domain level” authority, but while Google doesn’t call it that they have said that they do have several ranking factors that “map into similar things” at the domain level. In other words, Google does look at the overall domain which includes the entire website, and includes things like the total number of keywords that it ranks for, the age of the domain, and the consistency of the content. Google tends to favor sites with overall high domain authority.

Step 4 – Beat the other websites in the search results

Research the competitive landscape and identify “problems” that may contribute to why you are not ranking higher rather than what we call “ranking factors”. Evaluate each competitor’s content, external links, internal links, and other factors that are ranking higher for your keywords.

Step 5 – Track your rankings

If you want to improve your ranking then you will need to know where you are at and watch the impact of optimizations you are making. Track rankings over time and note when you made changes so you can see if they have had a positive effect.

The goal is to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Strategy for SEO Schertz TX

Here is a basic Blueprint of what we do for clients when we perform Search Engine Optimization.

There is an old adage or saying when it comes to sales:

People BUY from people that they Know, Like, and Trust.

The TOP OF THE SALES PROCESS OR FUNNEL is Marketing your business.

You can use SEO for the purpose of Building your Brand. You can achieve the Introduction, Rapport, and Trust you need so that BUYERS will feel confident in making purchasing decisions and choose your company over a competitor.

Know Like and Trust

SEO and Ranking in Google will Create Awareness (introduction), Build Rapport (Connection), and Earn TRUST.

Build Relevance

Write Unique Content

Build Authority

Promote The Website

Build Brand

Multiply the Reach

Build Reputation

Get Online Reviews

93% of people use Google when looking for products, services, and businesses.

71.33% of Google searches result in a page 1 Google organic click. Page two and three only get 5.59% of the clicks.

Only about 15% of people who search on Google will click on a PAID AD or click on a MAP LISTING.

A 2012 study conducted by GroupM UK and Nielsen demonstrated that users will overwhelmingly choose natural organic results over paid ones. The study sample included 1.4 billion searches and showed that organic listings won 94 percent of the clicks.

Sales Funnel SEO Schertz TX

SEO Schertz TX is how you FILL THE FUNNEL In order to benefit from Google search traffic and organic clicks to your website your business needs to hold a prominent organic position in the search results, on the 1st page.

About Website & SEO Packages Schertz TX

Website Management, Maintenance & Monitoring

Responsive Web Design


Search Engine Optimization – SEO

SEO Schertz TX website optimization

Website Management, Monitoring, and Maintenance for your website + SEO in a Package

We offer SEO Schertz TX Package Pricing

IN Local Marketing is an SEO Company Schertz TX and we offer SEO Packages that Include Design and Development tweaks to an existing site. A Design and Build fee may be required if a site needs to be rebuilt or for a brand new site.

How Much Does SEO Schertz TX Cost?

The cost of SEO Schertz TX is based on the geographical area in which you want us to optimize your site. The larger the area there are more competitors and the difficulty increases.



Would you like to rank higher than your competition in Google?

Still on the Fence?

Search Engine Optimization Schertz TX (SEO) continues to be one of the most difficult things for many businesses to understand when it comes to online marketing. The technical aspects and constant search engine updates can leave your head spinning. Then SEO benefits become blurred with social media, content marketing, and website usability (UX) which all add confusion for a business owner.

On the Fence SEO Schertz TX

If you’re one of the many business owners that don’t clearly understand SEO yet, then we encourage you to contact us. We are happy to explain the benefits and how it can grow your business.

The Saatchi AI Marketing Brain is now available in Schertz TX

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next step in Marketing Your Business.

The Saatchi Digital Marketing Brain is smarter and faster than any human digital marketing team!

AI (Artificial Intelligence) SEO Schertz TX

Ready to Get Started?

Are you ready to dominate in search? Or just want to learn more about SEO Schertz TX, what we do and how we do it? We would love to hear from you!

Are You IN?
Dentist SEO Schertz TX

Traffic = Money!

Are you ready to dominate in search? SEO Schertz TX brings quality targeted needs-based traffic to your website. Leads who are “Ready to Buy”

Let us know how we can help.

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What people are saying about
SEO Company Schertz TX In Local Marketing

They Blew my Expectations Out of the Water

I hired this SEO company for complex web design. They blew my expectations out of the water. I didn’t expect it to be so well engineered for my audience and targeted to my local market. They certainly understand how to properly construct a website that has all the necessary functions to acquire new prospects for a service or product.

My website has been receiving organic traffic at a pretty considerable pace in a short period of time. I don’t think that’s blind luck! I was able to communicate with a service representative any time I had a question or needed assistance.

I felt like I was valued as a customer and taken seriously throughout the entirety of this project. With that in mind, this is an SEO company I would recommend for your web design project, whether you’re local or non-local to them.

Lissa S.

Took Care of all my Digital Marketing Needs

They really helped me out of the confusing and bewildered state I was in when it came to designing a web presence, website, and local citations and listings. It all seemed like Greek to me, so they took care of all my digital marketing needs. Another thing I liked was if they didn’t specialize in it, they referred me to someone who did. Made my life so much easier not having to go on a wild goose chase!

Elliott G.

Innovative Thinker

Glenn is an innovative thinker and a networking go-getter. His interpersonal skills are remarkable and his energy is impressive.

Travis Rogers Jr. 
The Sentinel & Rural News

They can be Trusted.

Some of the most effective marketing strategies I’ve ever seen put to use is from IN Local Marketing. They get results and actually prove to you what they’re doing month to month. They can be trusted.

Serena Michelsen

Knowledgeable and Does Quality Work

I’ve known Glenn for years and he is a man of integrity who is knowledgeable and does quality work.

Jerry S

I Remain on the First Page

I appreciate the leaps and bounds this company has gone through to ensure the success of my small business. I remain on the first page of my niche and because of it, I’ve been able to make more than enough money to start looking in a different direction. Before it was the same old stresses, but since hiring Glenn, things have turned around for the better. I look forward to a continued partnership.

Hogsetto Dessa

Happy to Recommend

Happy to recommend IN Local Marketing to anyone looking for web design or SEO help. They have been helping me set up an online presence for my small business. They have walked me through the process of online marketing and have really dumbed down a lot of the technical information so that it’s comprehensive for me.

My website has started giving me that professional presence and it makes me feel confident when servicing my customers. I have IN Local Marketing to thank for this. I recommend their services to anyone looking to get established in the online space.

Kristen E.

First Class Professionals

Glenn and his team at IN Local Marketing are first-class professionals and always go above and beyond to make sure that the job is done right! I highly recommend them!

Andy F

Have Helped our Business Tremendously

Have helped our real estate flipping business tremendously with their local support to our SEO and website development. Their team is easy to get in contact with and their managers update on the status of campaigns every month. The reports are detailed and allow us to see where we are performing the most effectively.

This enables us to target the audience that gives us the most engagement and strengthen it even more. We also know where we are lacking and can build foundational ground for improvement. Special thanks to IN Local Marketing for shedding light on this information.

Jared S.

Complete Professionalism

I hired Glenn to create and effectively manage my business website. The return on my investment since working with Glenn can be summed up with one word: Outstanding.

Everything from the most complicated development processes to ongoing updates and changes he acted with complete professionalism. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

Kathryn A. Messer

Exceptional Service

Since 2010 IN local has been my exclusive internet marketing company. They built my website and have managed the website providing exceptional service. The SEO work they have done has propelled my company to the top of google search results. I would highly recommend them for your website and SEO needs.

Phillip Merrill

Professional, Accountable, and Consistent

Glenn has been phenomenal throughout this entire marketing campaign. He’s professional, accountable, and consistent, which are highly valuable traits for someone in charge of most of the marketing for your business. Glenn knows his local SEO and has proved it with the results he has brought me. To say I’m impressed is an understatement.

Carmella Zartman

Highly Recommend

Very easy to work with and very knowledgeable. Our Website went from being on the second and third page to the top of the first. I highly recommend to anyone trying to increase web traffic!

Chevs of the 40s

I’ve seen an ROI already

Having IN Local Marketing do my SEO was not a mistake. I’ve seen an ROI already in just a few months. Glenn is always available by phone and answers any questions I have. He is very professional and knowledgeable regarding SEO. Before I met Glenn, I was struggling profusely with getting my business ranked. Thankful for honest marketers like Glenn from IN Local Marketing. I will continue doing business with Glenn and hopefully, maintain stable results!

Beth R.

Customer Service… Second to None

The customer service I receive from Glenn is always second to none. He’s very reliable and knowledgeable regarding favorable information that’d usually kept hidden. SEO and digital marketing are like an entirely different beast in this day and age, so getting someone competent to manage it is no easy task. I finally found the right fit with Glenn of IN Local Marketing.

Nannie Cutchin


My experience with Glenn has been phenomenal. His work in setting up a public website for my books, articles, and audio resources was outstanding. Glenn is both creative and responsive, a rare combination. My jaw dropped at the final product. I heartily recommend his services.

Richard Murray

First Page Magic

They applied some first-page magic to my business and I haven’t steered away from them ever since.

Show Chandra

Wonderful to work with such a Professional Group of People

It is wonderful to work with such a professional group of people. I would recommend them to my family and friends and not be worried they would tarnish my name. They have backed up everything they promise they would. It is a pleasure to work with them and I will continue to in the future.

Jeffrey John Sanders

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