Win Friends and Influence People.

Social Media is Networking.

Understanding Networking is important for establishing a well-rounded social media strategy.  

People would rather do business with a friend than with a stranger

Social Media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc are the new “Relationship Selling” Tools of the Internet Age.

In terms of marketing your business, there is an old saying…

“People buy from people they like, know and trust.” The message from this is “BE LIKEABLE” be someone that people are drawn to and feel good about.

It is not a coincidence that Facebook used the word “LIKE” to show approval of a business Facebook Page.

Facebook makes them like you, Twitter makes them empathize with you, blogs inform them about you, and forums help them understand you.

Twitter calls them “Followers” for a reason. Follow me on Twitter means that you like me and want to have a relationship with me. Linkedin is all about being “IN” my network. Businesses think that being in Social Media will generate new business but that is just not the primary use. It is primarily for business branding and image. It works well to target the customers that already know you. Through tools like Company Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and others, leading companies are able to generate a conversation with their target market that when done right leads to an increase in traffic, brand buzz, and meaningful sales.

Network Meetings

When you think of Social Media think of it like a Networking Meeting. Maybe one of those Chamber mixers where a bunch of people get together and they interact for a couple of hours. There may be some food and some drinks and people wander around the room and introduce themselves and be “friendly”. This is where you can have your 15-second elevator speech, get to know people, and pass out your business card.

If you are not present and actively engaged with people in the room you are not going to make any connections.

This is what Social Media is like.

It is most effective for the KNOWN MARKET (those who already know you) to remind them of who you are, update them on what you have been doing and let them know that you are ready to help if they need you.

It is not as effective for the UNKNOWN MARKET (those who don’t know you) but it can be a way of introducing yourself and letting people see you to create “awareness” of who you are.

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