Saatchi AI Marketing Brain

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next step in Marketing Your Business. 

The Saatchi Digital Marketing Brain is smarter and faster than any human digital marketing team!

Introducing the world’s first AI-powered, Self-Driven, Autonomous Marketing Brain for your Business called Saatchi.

It’s no secret that AI is the Future of Technology.

The advancement of AI opens up a huge potential in handling the marketing for your business. Saatchi AI is specifically designed by digital marketing experts to take over the entire sales and marketing process for any business, in any industry, and in any language.

In 30 seconds or less Saatchi AI does what no human brain can do. Saatchi AI will do an initial scan of your website and all connections, mentions, and reviews over the entire internet and learns about your business.

In 30 seconds it will completely understand your online presence. In 30 seconds it will have more information and know more about your business than your current marketing team.

Small Businesses (SB) need Marketing to Succeed. 


Gaining the Expertise and Finding the Time is IMPOSSIBLE for the Business Owner. Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency to Market for the Business is Expensive. 

The Saatchi Marketing Brain can do in minutes what would take an entire marketing team Days, Weeks, or Months. 

The Marketing Brain

  • Analyzes, Optimizes, Improves

  • Understands Your Business

  • Knows Your Products & Services

  • Continuous Ongoing Learning

  • Creates Quality Content & Publishes

  • Social Media Posting

  • Enhances SEO & Website Traffic

  • Generates Leads, & Appointments

  • Creates Google Reviews & Referrals

  • Creates Video Testimonials

Saatchi AI Marketing Brain Content Creation

Step 1: Give Saatchi Visual Content by uploading photos from your phone

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, whether it is construction/remodeling, HVAC, a car dealership, or any other profession, you simply capture photos and videos that are relevant to your business. Saatchi will use your images of a project, product, event, or whatever you want to post and create content.

Step 2: Saatchi Understands your Business and will Use Niche-Specific Templates

Once you have your visual content, Saatchi will use niche-specific templates to gather more detail. It may be a basic job description or details about your completed project. Saatchi will use the photos and the text input to create and optimize this information to create engaging content for you.

Step 3: Saatchi will Autonomously Share Content to Multiple Channels

After optimizing the text input and creating relevant content Saatchi will autonomously share the content to various platforms. This includes Google, Yelp, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and even your business website or blog. Saatchi ensures that your business receives maximum exposure and reaches your target audience.

See the AI Marketing Brain DEMO for a HOME Services Business

Saatchi AI Marketing Brain Chatbot

Starts with a relevant ice breaker, starting a conversation.

Autonomously creates options for the user by understanding the conversation.

Provides social proof, completed projects, or case studies that are relevant to the conversation