Technical SEO is the technical and analytical skills together with a good understanding of how Google and other search engines work.

Technical SEO involves being familiar with the most popular CMS systems and knowing at least the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

In addition to that, good technical SEO means knowing the fundamental rules of SEO and being able to identify if a website breaks these rules.

Technical SEO is the ability to provide fixes to the problems identified on the website and be able to determine whether the fixes were implemented correctly.

1. Get website URLs Indexed By Google

2. Block certain URLs from being indexed by Google

3. Have an understanding of the Most Important SEO Ranking Factors

4. Have an understanding of SEO Myths.

5. Know how Website Crawlers function

6. Ability to Analyze Page Speed And Core Web Vitals

7. Know What Are Some Quick Technical SEO Wins

8. Understand how to Increase Site Traffic and troubleshoot a site with no traffic.

9. How to analyze whether Googlebot is having Problems Accessing Site Content

10. Know how to create an XML Sitemap

11. How to Perform A Technical SEO Audit

12. Discover Duplicate Content or Pages

13. Know how to Use Google Search Console

14. Understand and implement Structured Data And know Whether It Is Valid

15. Use and implement 3rd party SEO Resources