SBO Case Study

SBO Case Study Objectives

SBO stands for Search Box Optimization

HomeTown Plumbing was looking to increase customers in the Southern California market. They wanted to grow their customer base for plumbing. They implemented a program with five keyword phrases for plumbers in San Diego, Oceanside, Carlsbad, Temecula, and Palm Springs.

They were looking to find a way to lower their cost per acquisition, and we showed them how Search Box Optimization could help them achieve that goal.

They were so impressed with Bing that they started a Bing Pay-Per-Click campaign for the first time.

Please review the screenshots below, showing the immediate benefits of Search Box Optimization:

SBO Case Study Results

You will notice the following increases in traffic:

  • Sessions increased 80%, from 830 to 1,494.
  • Users increased 88%, from 715 users to 1,347 users.
  • Bounce Rate decreased from 79.5% to 57.1%, which means their traffic was much more engaged.

Here’s what the owner of HomeTown Plumbing has to say about SBO:

Wow, this is cool!  I’ve heard through the grapevine that someone was going to figure this technology out.  I’m glad it was you guys.  This is the next best thing!  Congratulations, thanks for the increase in business!”

CEO of HOMETOWN Plumbing