SBO Case Study
Taylor’s Impressive Carpet Care

SBO Case Study Objectives

SBO stands for Search Box Optimization

Taylor’s Impressive Carpet is a company that is always looking for cutting-edge ways to acquire new customers.

They believe being in front of the technology curve is the best way to grow business. As an early adopter of new technologies, the Search Box Optimization program is right along with their way of thinking.

We implemented an SBO campaign for “Carpet Cleaning Beaumont” and Carpet Cleaning Palm Springs.”

Please review the screenshots below, showing the immediate benefits of Search Box Optimization:

SBO Case Study Results

You will notice the following increases in traffic:

  • Sessions increased 9%, from 763 to 833.
  • Users increased 8%, from 672 users to 725 users.
  • Bounce Rate decreased from 76.5% to 66.4%, which means their traffic was much more engaged.

Here’s what the owner of Taylor’s Impressive Carpet Care  has to say about SBO:

We are very thankful that Carl approached us on this program.  It changed our mind completely on Bing.  Now today we are running a major PPC campaign on Bing because of the number of searches.  We are expanding to 40 more areas with SBO.

 Owner, Taylor’s Impressive Carpet Care